We take care of every part of the building process.


Not sure where to start? We’ll walk you through your financing options to help you establish the right budget for your build.

Purchasing a Lot

If you’re purchasing a lot, we’ll provide a build cost estimate and a return on investment analysis to empower you with the data you need to make the right choice.

Insurance Support

If you will be leveraging insurance financing, our legal specialists will help you navigate the claims process with your provider.


Architecture & Design

We work with you to create a home that's just right, and then bring your vision to life.

Start from Scratch

Work with an architect to design a home that’s entirely unique to you, from plans to paint to perfect finishes.

Modify a professional design

You can also fast-track the design process by selecting a popular floor plan or home finish package from our curated library to get a professional aesthetic without the time.


Lot preparation

We take care of all debris removal, site planning, and geotech reporting, so you can start building sooner.

Regulatory Expertise

California has stringent building codes and permit requirements. We’ll ensure your home is in full compliance with CalGreen, Coastal Commission, and all other local regulations.



With guaranteed start dates, daily progress updates, and accelerated timelines, there’s no better way to build.

We're Ready to Build

We bring a pool of vetted, licensed contractors, so you can skip the long waitlists.

You're Always in the Loop

You’ll get daily photos and progress updates online so you can monitor your build from wherever you are.


Move in

Our favorite part of building is when we get to hand you the keys. There’s nothing quite like that new home feeling!

Home Orientation

We’ll take you on a full tour to get you acquainted with how to operate and maintain all the systems in your new home.

Living in a Homebound home

We offer free inspections and the best warranty available, so you can focus on enjoying your new home.

Peace of Mind

Every Homebound home receives a 1‑year Limited Warranty, 10‑year Structural Warranty, and complimentary construction inspections.

Looking for more help?

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to contact us or look at our frequently asked questions page.

Frequently Asked Questions