Our Trade Partner Network

Homebound was formed to help communities rebuild after natural disasters. You can read more about our story here.

While our mission began in support of devastated communities, we are a full-service residential builder at our core, and build custom homes internationally.

Our teams rely on a network of fully vetted and qualified trade partners to whom we offer a number of services and benefits.We’re a driven group of successful and organized professionals, focused on residential construction. We ask all of our partners to go through a vetting process that proves they are the same.

isit the Homebound Trades Portal

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Why work with Homebound?

We provide a consistent pool of well-qualified customers

We have a dedicated team of client acquisition and preconstruction professionals so our pipeline is strong. Homebound ensures a steady stream of opportunities & predictable workflow – both for disaster response and typical construction projects.

We pay on time, and quickly

We pay invoices quickly, and our mission is to have the fastest pay in the industry. This allows for better cash flow on Homebound projects, meaning less money out of pocket for you.

We buy well

When needed, Homebound will secure materials using our leveraged buying power and ensure they arrive on time. Our Procurement Team focuses on the logistics behind the materials, so our job sites have what you need to perform.

We proactively prevent slowdowns

Our customers have a dedicated Homebound contact during the entire build, which results in faster decision-making, limiting slowdowns and increasing throughput for our Trade and Supplier Partners.

We believe in partnership

We don’t hire “subcontractors” to work on our projects. Our network is filled with Trade, Supplier, and Consultant Partners – everyone who works with Homebound is a Partner and important to the success of our projects.

Already a partner?

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We work with the best architects, contractors, installers, landscapers, and designers in our communities.

Together, we can deliver a better building experience.

Let’s work together.

We’re creating a new way to design and build homes, but we can’t do it alone.

Get in touch with us to join the Homebound Network.